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Security & Safety

We’ve been invited 'into' your home - we promise to be a great guest.


Our concierges go through a multi-stage vetting process that starts with a referral-only applicant pool. Every team member then undergoes a background-check. The hiring process concludes with extensive on-boarding and training.

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We use a unique technology to establish a secure connection to your device that let's us view live exactly what you are seeing. This allows us to more efficiently fix the problem, saving you the headache of having to explain it to us.

Full Transparency

Sessions are recorded and available on request by users and their registered family members.

frequently asked questions

How does it work?

We first look to understand the problem, then we log into your computer remotely to fix the issue. You remain in the comfort of your home. We can work on any product you've added our app to, like a cell phone, tablet, computer, smart TV, or anything on the internet. Are you trying to log into a Telehealth visit or get on to Zoom? That's an Assist Session (sub-15 minutes). Are you trying to reconnect a printer to your computer? That's a fix or request.

What will we not do?

We cannot help you with any tasks around your finances or banking. While we can help you organize your devices and create recurring tasks like ordering groceries or on-demand vehicles, we cannot store your passwords; however, we can work with you to remember them. Email client (AOL, Outlook, etc) is a case-by-case basis.

I have a kindle / smart tv / Amason Echo / PC. Can Quincy help me out with any of this stuff?

YES! Those items plus a whole lot more! Our triple-vetted, US-located concierges have experience in a variety of technologies and can help with home devices and software that require a more advanced skillset.

My internet or printer isn't working / my phone doesn't yext or something drops calls. Can you help me?

The answer is...probably. We are here to help with basic technology (i.e. operating your device, setting up new apps and software, setting up your printer/computer/cell phone/smart TV, etc.). We admit, some problems even stump us. Sometimes there are problems with a cell phone company, email client, virus, internet provider, or other issue that requires an outside technician. We will always let you know whether your problem is something we can help with, or whether you’ll need to reach out to an outside technician or another professional.

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